Neuropsychiatry is the medical specialty committed to better understanding brain-behavior relationships, and to the care of individuals with neurologically based cognitive, emotional, and behavioral disturbances.

?????? … ????????????? Hello? ? ? ?

I spoke to someone at the Cancer Center of Long Island today and after her short battery of questions she didn’t deny the possibility of my issues being related to Chemo Brain but also didn’t deny the likelihood that it is more a result of some level of depression or anxiety and/or stress.

She recommended I find a Neuropsychiatrist who can better determine what is going on in my noodle and then discuss coping strategies.

So…am I crazy, overwhelmed, experiencing late-term side effects of chemo or just stressed out the wazzoo…?

NOBODY can or will put their finger on it.

After some internal assessment and talking with my wife I think she and I are in agreement it is most likely some level of burnout brought on by a lot, and I mean A LOT of external stress. And we discussed steps to peel away layers of stress and get to center of my problems and work things out from there.

If all the stress factors are removed and identified and my cognitive issues remain then it’s got to be “chemotherapy induced cognitive impairment”…good ol’ CHEMO BRAIN and then maybe I will seek out a Neuro-Shrink.


I can tell you this, the blank spots as I will call them, the momentary glitches in speaking that pop up now when I am searching for a word throw me off. And the momentary gaps in recall and retention are starting to wear me down. The frequency is becoming too common and all too disruptive.

I need some new coping strategies and I need them now.

But first I need to get a pad and write this down. I need to write everything down. In fact in typing this blog post I lost track of specifics discussed with my wife no more than an hour ago…(maybe) and I had to call her and go over what we just talked about before I finished that paragraph.

It’s wearing me down…

I can’t stand it anymore.

Be well


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  1. Hi Scott –
    At least it’s not cancer…anything BUT cancer 🙂
    That said – stress raises levels of adrenal cortisol (you can get cortisol levels checked by your internist). High cortisol helps us deal with the physical effects of stress – but can also cause: Decreased memory, decreased immune function, and increased belly fat….

    Write everything down…and don’t let extraneous things wear you down.
    Easier said than done – I know 🙂
    And talk to a shrink if it will make things better 🙂
    Take care –
    We’re rooting for you!

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