When everything seems to work…

I have the moments, very short moments. When everything just seems right with the universe…it can hit me at any time and I get this sense of total at ease, it fills my soul. Its fleeting, gone almost as quickly as I notice it. And it doesn’t happen too often.

Since my last post I have not had any bats flying. I felt them flutter, but almost as if I invoked Joy’s name (whomever Joy might be) the bats have settled. My anxiety issues have become more manageable. Stress at work and in regards to my extended family have leveled off. (for now)

Perhaps it is because my wife and I have interacted with friends on different occasions and laughed A LOT. There was alcohol too but the camaraderie and laughter seems to have helped a great deal.

I am still listening to the new Switchfoot CD too much (driving my wife crazy with it right now) and I started dabbling in watercolors again.

The watercolors thing might have a large effect on my well-being right now too. My old art table is back in my life, last seen in our apartment nearly 10 years ago before we moved here. With some plans to finish the basement and other things never fully realized for many reasons (money and time but mostly Cancer getting in the way) a lot of things are still in flux…the state of our home and it’s need of repairs and/or refurbishing kept my visual art pursuits tucked away in my parents attic.

So Dawn found room, or more importantly made room for it and my son and I started playing with the paint last night. My son has shown some artistic interests and was buckling paper with too much water and letting the transparent hues go where the water would take them. He inspired me to be free and enjoy this experiment.

I am more likely to want to paint a certain way, but my tastes often run to the Abstract and my son was just playing with the water and amazing himself with what the paint could do. His innocence about it is incredible.

Needless to say my blood pressure has probably come down a few notches on its own since last night. The bats are non-existant right now and stress seems reasonable.

It’s amazing what works as long as you let it.

 Be Well.

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