A snap shot of my art table and a couple of sketchbooks I’m experimenting in. My tastes have always run to the abstract and I am still “finding my voice” when it comes to what I hope to say and/or do in watercolors and other water based media.

I am finding it (the act of painting) very calming. I have read that it lowers blood pressure. (all things considered in the last few days…that’s a good thing) and throwing/dripping paint is fun. (Jackson Pollack knew what he was doing)

I have to keep myself in check regarding my own style per se. I want to paint like Norman Rockwell would (if he worked in watercolors) but I know deep down I don’t paint that way. I might attempt to work my way up to that style someday but I also have to recognize that it’s not natural for me to paint that way…my mind wants to force myself to paint that way, but I know it will only make me miserable.

I instead need to focus on what does come naturally and for as long as I can remember I have always “doodled” when I was cartooning. The act of doodling also has a calming effect on me. It seems to clear my head the way Jazz does. It seems to neutralize the crap rolling around in my head and lets me focus…I have thought through problems while doodling, so that right there should tell you what is natural and what is ego.

My EGO wants to paint realistic landscapes and scenes that would be the envy of all who would view them…but I know deep down that’s not me. So I have to struggle just to paint the way I do and feel the most comfortable right now.

Right now that involves tapping the brush and splattering paint in all directions over a multicolored wash.

I’m not pushing myself to accomplish anything right now. I am not taking any of this seriously. I’m just dabbling in watercolors. Something I have missed since Art School (back in ’91 or ’92).

Be well.

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