Switching to Decaf

Since Cancer I have been rather Hyper Aware. So am I making too much out of this “twitch/tremor” thing? I don’t know…I think my point of view has been to catch something early and deal with it, “Early Detection Saves Lives”…it’s a cancer thing.

I am also a natural-born cynic and have 40 years pessimist experience, so I gravitate to the worst and (if) that doesn’t happen then thats a sweet taste of good fortune…otherwise shit will always bring more shit. I always cut to the worst case scenario. It’s easier that way.

Even after beating two cancers I still have a hard time being Optimistic. It doesn’t come naturally to me. (but I try, really I do)…since this twitching thing started in my right hand I of course jumped to worst possible scenario and find it easy to dwell there…then I spend too much time thinking about it until I keep reading about it on the internet but still don’t really know anything.

So this morning I found Decaf coffee beans in the pantry, ground then up and brewed some decaf…since caffeine can contribute to and make these tremors worse I need to cut back or cut it out entirely. I figure my Dr is going to start me there first before sending me to see a specialist.

I need to stop driving myself crazy abut these things but I am my own worst enemy. I am taking a co-workers advice this weekend and watching how the tremors happen or don’t happen based on not being at work (which can be a source of stress) and see if stress and caffeine are the catalyst for my new problem.

Certainly my problem here is neurological but it may also just be in my head.

I’ll start with less caffeine I can control that…stress on the other hand is a different thing altogether.

Be Well.

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