Life Changes…

What number post is this? I’ve lost count.

…most recent health developments in my life involve the finger twitches (which have slowed down considerably since curbing the caffeine) but are still present none-the-less, and what is probably considered “Sudden Hearing Loss” (although it’s been gradually getting worse for a couple years now) on my left side.

My wife found a new ENT Dr. so we could get to the bottom of the hearing issue I have on my left side. A couple of years ago (I think just prior to my cancer diagnosis) I had my then ENT diagnose a sudden drop in hearing on my left side, he put me on steroids which corrected the problem and restored my hearing to a degree within 10% of where it should be. Although I was told tinnitus would be what I was left with, and I was.

Then insurance companies changed and cancer was discovered and I never followed up with that ENT guy.

It’s now just over 3 years since I was diagnosed and the “HUM” in my left ear is so pronounced that it is interfering with day-to-day life. This new Dr reviewed my history and sent me to the Audiologist who conducted her tests on me in the sound proof box.

To say I failed miserably on my left side is an understatement.

I was sent back up to see Dr. G who described my hearing loss on my left side as uncommon but not rare. (not unlike my cancer situation…who is diagnosed with two different cancers at the same time?)

Why should anything be simple at this point in my life?

The problem seems to be why my hearing loss is so severe and only on one side. Dr G orders some blood work and an MRI. The MRI is of my brain and IAC (Internal Auditory Canal) with contrast, he is looking for a benign tumor or polyp as he described it sitting between my brain and a nerve I think… The blood work is covering everything else that can involve hearing loss, namely thyroid, syphilis, lupus, lyme…and a handful of other things I have never heard of.

The twitches continue and now of course I am acutely aware of the hum in my left ear…it was getting worse everyday, or so it seemed. I was very aware of it to begin with, now it’s all I hear. The noise in the ear I can’t hear well with is, well, deafening.

All of this hub-bub about how many tests to perform and get to the bottom of an uncommon problem reminds me of how complicated life has become since Cancer. (Some of the chemo drugs I received during treatment might be responsible for the severity as well, or so the Dr and Audiologist both said) Maybe I’d have this problem and it would be this complicated anyway…but after cancer my perception is to feel like I got kicked in the pants again. Nothing is ever cut and dry.

As of this writing, the blood work has been drawn and my MRI is scheduled for next week. Guess I will be wearing ear plugs to the Cheap Trick concert my wife is taking me to in NYC the night before…might as well preserve what little hearing I do have in that ear and maybe not cause more damage if any to my right.

The twitches in my hand and the hearing loss are just another couple of things to keep me down. I can’t let them get in the way…part of me wants to, part of me wants to just stay down for the count and let someone else take the next punch…but I keep getting back up and life keeps swinging. I’m getting tired of it, but I can’t give up.

I can never give up.


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