Random Thoughts…

Conan was never the right choice for “The Tonight Show” but then again I have NEVER liked Jay Leno and felt he didn’t belong there either. I am a die-hard Letterman fan and when I tune into any late night TV it will always be Dave. (and Craig Ferguson after him)

I think Conan got screwed big time (as the rest of the world does) and I hope Leno falls on his face when he returns to the Tonight Show. Somewhere Jack Paar, Steve Allen and Johnny Carson are all rolling in their graves.


I don’t care who gets to the Super Bowl or wins it. In fact the commercials in the last few years have sucked as much as the football game always does.  There used to be some really cool ads to look for to break up the monotony of the blow out that usually occurs. But I think that ship has sailed…nothing is ever the same.


Reading David Sedaris and finishing up a Merill Markoe novel as I write this. Not reading so many books at the same time. At one time I think I was actively reading five books at once. Can’t do that much any more.  I’m not even finished with the book I started a few weeks ago and my wife came home with another one without my asking. She was out and about and spotted one and picked it up…so I will seamlessly step into “Me Talk Pretty One Day” after I wrap up “When You are Engulfed In Flames”


Hollywood sucks. I read about Hollywood remakes and sequels coming out soon and I gag. Not a single original idea is left so they regurgitate old ideas. How long before they update “Back To The Future” ? Nothing is safe…everything old is repackaged, made slicker and faster and more gory and sent back out for an unsuspecting generation to choke on. it’s just CRAP CRAP and more CRAP. Give me a small independent film, a sundance award winner, a documentary… Something artsy and not at all mainstream. And God please NO SUMMER BLOCKBUSTERS!

Mainstream is safe and boring…all the interesting crap lurks on the edges just near the shoreline. It always washes up on the beach.  And it may be trash afterall but it’s got an interesting story to tell. I’d rather have interesting than safe any day.


Computer viruses suck!


We need a new Holiday and a new Religion. I think I will work on that. 

Thats it for now…

Be well.


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