No time like the present

…and no present like the time. (if you’re looking for a gift idea, there you go)

In other news:

Had the MRI yesterday. It wasn’t all that unpleasant, thankfully Advanced Imaging had a small mirror device attached to the face grid I slid my head into going into the machine. (MRI was of my Brain and Inner Auditory Canal)…movement wasn’t an option. The mirror reflected what was outside the building, just naked trees in the cold but the mirror did not allow me to notice how small the machine is. It’s tight in there….

I am hoping that they don’t discover anything else besides what they were looking for with the MRI. The last time my Doctors ordered a scan they found a different cancer. (Looking for one thing and they find another)

I am all about early detection but I am not in the mood for anything complicated…but that’s life. We shall see what develops…


I am subscribing to the following: “Live Life. Make Art. Be Happy” this affords me the simple task of being creative without the stigmatism of needing to make a career out of it…but I would love that to happen. Maybe the gods will see I am doing what I love and they will bless me with money. (as the saying goes).

I am also writing and cartooning under this new motto. I am aiming to spend all available time not spent working, sleeping, eating or having sex: MAKING ART! (doesn’t sound like a lot of time I know)

 The good thing is work is just work and I am focusing on that as just my “Day Job” – a means to an end which is all work really is anyway…I have to sleep certainly, but I can eat and have sex at the same time. Why not? Sometimes food and sex go well together.


We learned a friend of ours is still battling cancer. His prognosis is not the best. The unfortunate thing is he passed on one last surgery recommended by his Dr when they thought they had gotten it all the first time.

5 yrs went by with him in remission…then it showed up again.

It  just argues the point that REMISSION IS NOT A CURE, but it also reminds me of how I felt when we knew I was in remission and still had 2 cycles of chemo left. (4 treatments)…I didn’t want them either. My wife says she wouldn’t have let me get away with that but I can’t help asking: “What if?” …what if I opted out of the last 2 cycles, the 2 cycles Dr L told me were just for “insurance purposes” as in…making sure we got it all. Like an “Insurance Goal” in a Hockey game…just aiming to keep the score in our favor.

It bugs me that he is in a fight he may not have had to wage had they actually got all the cancer the first time, but cancer is like that, you never know. I live with that knowledge in the back of my mind every day… I don’t want to relax and pretend it may never come back. But I also don’t want to live my life in total fear of it either.

“Fight until the fight is done” that is all you can do.

“No retreat, No Surrender”


On a lighter note:

We saw Cheap Trick on Monday night at Irving Plaza. I forgot how small that place was. Couldn’t have been more than 1500 people jammed in there. They put on a great show, although I did say to my wife afterwards I didn’t think they were as energetic as I thought they might be. What they did not do was just play their greatest hits…they mixed it up with several oldies and a lot of new songs from their last CD.

Bottom line, they were great. And nothing beats a small venue. You can have your Stadium filled 50,000 seat arenas and giant video screens…but, NOTHING BEATS A SMALL VENUE!!!!

Until next time, Be Well.


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