Is there anyone out there?

I am beginning to wonder why I write this blog…I have collected some comments from people who are reading it and that thrills me, “I have a readership” but then I second guess my purpose here altogether.

Who am I writing this for? What constitutes a readership…even just one person? two? five? I don’t know…

My real answer is, I started writing this for…ME. but as a writer, thats not enough.

I need to know, if YOU are out there and you read this blog often enough to think about commenting on it or you have…tell me now! I am otherwise going to stop posting here for no reason.

I can write off-line for my entertainment. In fact I should be writing off-line more often, but I don’t. Why? because when I started this blog and the one before it (Taking Life One Day At A Time) I was chronicling my cancer year and the fall out that followed.

I was aiming to find some self-induced therapy in the writing and maybe help someone out there who might find themselves in the same boat.

So, I am at a crossroads. Is this blog serving any purpose? Do I keep writing here or do I just close up shop and go do something else?

If you are out there…Speak to me!


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  1. Hi Scott,

    My name is Anna and I’m a reader! Thank you so much for your posts. I work with (and am a member of) the I’m Too Young for This! Cancer Foundation. I don’t know how familiar you are with us, if at all, but I would love to be in touch. Please contact me at

  2. You know I’m here…I read whenever I can get a free moment. Lord knows I need to write more myself. But your blog gave me the strength to write about Emily’s situation, you are writing for more than just yourself, don’t doubt that. Keep Writing! Just Keep Writing! 🙂

  3. Scott – it has been a long time and still I would know your writing anywhere – just rereading our ramblings at Fairfield I am now a reader

  4. Scott, I’ve had you on my bloglines for months. I don’t always comment, but I do read each post. Please visit my blog allthingsnew-joannah dot blogspot dot com

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