Random Stuff…(Snow day post)

There is a short italian plumber in my house nearly every day! My kids love this guy…I just don’t understand it.

I call it Mario Krack, sometimes Mario-juana…the gateway drug. My kids are addicted and can’t be helped.


Links I want to share:

This is my previous blog: http://scottscancerblog.blogspot.com/ the one that tells my cancer story from the beginning. Which eventually lead me to start this one…

http://her-eyes-blueskys.blogspot.com/ This blog is written by a friend of ours whose 2 year old daughter has Peter’s Anomaly.

This is another friend of ours. His company and his band: http://www.digitalcafetour.com/ Friday’s Child http://www.frichild.com/

This is my cousin: http://elisagirlando.com/ she is also a musician.

http://scottscartoonblog.blogspot.com/ “Random Doodles” (my cartoon blog)- just for fun.

http://i2y.com/ I’m Too Young For This Cancer Foundation.

http://www.canaryfoundation.org/ “Stopping Cancer Early”

http://www.thejournalofaprizefighter.com/ Blog of a fellow Hodgkin’s Survivor

Of course there is always Lance…http://www.livestrong.com/ and http://www.livestrong.org/site/c.khLXK1PxHmF/b.2660611/k.BCED/Home.htm

A personal favorite comic strip/cartoonist: “Cul de Sac” http://richardspooralmanac.blogspot.com/ 

And…Coming soon: http://scottdawnllb.wordpress.com/ “The Live Life Better Blog” , my wife and I are writing this one together.

And lastly: http://zenhabits.net/ 

Have a good snow day America….or not, whatever.

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