Say what? “Ob-la-Di, Ob-la-Da”

Survey Says…

“MRI and blood work came back fine. You have a hearing loss. You need a hearing aid” – pretty much that was the gist of my phone call with Dr G. last week. I went into his office expecting that much, thankfully nothing else popped up. Next step, set my appointment for a “fitting.” I wonder if they come in designer colors?

My finger twitches are still present. They have diminished a little but I have noticed a finger on my other hand joining in the dance recently. Since my ENT also suggested I see a Neurologist “just to confirm my findings” I might just ask about the twitching too. I have reduced caffeine as much as I deemed necessary to see if the twitches would stop altogether, when they didn’t, I got back on the wagon. I generally switch between regular and decaf.

What I need is more water. No argument there.

I have noticed I tire more easily. My days as a night owl are OVER! I can’t make it past 10:30 most nights. My shoulders hurt when I move my arms a certain degree, I am hearing “Rice Crispies” in my neck again when I turn it…and, I have been to see my dentist twice in the last month, he has found lots of complicated work to be done. Today he ended my visit with a few questions about my exposure to chemo and leaned toward blaming my dental issues on those wonderful chemicals.

Cancer is continuing to leave its fingerprints everywhere. Not to mention the physical scars, (surgery, multiple biopsy marks and port scar). But the random joint pain, exaggerated uni-lateral hearing loss, arthritis, and last but not least: my vision. That has gotten worse in the last couple of years since chemo too and that is next on my list to deal with.

Trouble is I can’t tell if it’s age related or cancer fall out, or both.

Maybe it doesn’t matter. It just is and it has to be dealt with. I shouldn’t complain because I know what the alternative is.

So in short my parting gift for dodging cancer is a life of minor physical complications that slowly reveal themselves over time that when added up can be quite a bitch if taken on all at once. What can I say…I’d rather be above ground, taking nourishment, honestly. I will be cranky as hell sometimes, but still alive to complain about it.

Perspective being what it is, things could certainly be worse. And life does go on. “Ob-la-Di, Ob-la-Da” as the boys from Liverpool once put it.

I am also co-writing another blog. This new one I am starting up with my wife. She went thru the worst with me, every two weeks for six months and slowly (in these last 2.5 years since my treatments ended) we have altered a few things in our daily routines which may actually be chalked up to a lifestyle change…even though I was just lamenting all the chemo side effects that seem to be cropping up, I do feel better over all. (in little ways)

I know that doesn’t make much sense, but life never does.

We have learned a few things since 12/19/2006 and need to pass them on. I think her side of things really needs to be explored as well, She has a story to tell too. The care-giver never gets any fan fare. Please stay tuned.

Until then, Be well.


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