A Friend’s Band: Benefit for Relay for Life

We’ll be going to see our friend Tom and the rest of his band Friday’s Child tonight to benefit Relay for Life.


More about Tom’s band. http://www.frichild.com/

Friday’s Child is playing live at Tasty Cocoa Cafe on Fri., 3/26/10 from 8 PM on. This gig replaces the Relay for Life Benefit, which had to be rescheduled. This will also benefit Relay for Life.

Tasty Coco’s is a really nice place. Very small and personal. We were impressed the last time we were there. 

 Check them out. http://www.tastycocobistro.net/ and http://twitter.com/tastycocobistro

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Oncologist says I’m “DONE”

Saw my Oncologist Tuesday to go over results of my last PET/CT. These visits have gotten shorter and shorter, thankfully we have little to talk about. We quickly made small talk and I got the impression all was well. He soon cut to the chase and said he no longer saw a reason to continue scanning me.

In the 3 years post cancer/chemo I have had 6 PET/CT scans and all have been spotless so Dr. L slammed the lid shut on that topic and immediately got to typing in final notes on my new electronic medical file on the PC in the exam room and noted no further scans.

I will however see him twice a year for a thorough physical and full blood work up. Beyond that the practice of radiating my guts to see if anything is going on is over.

I posted on Facebook that after Cancer hi-jacked our lives almost 4 years ago it feels like we finally got it back. I will still keep an eye over my shoulder in order to keep cancer at more than an arms distance…but for all intents and purposes I have been released.

December 19th will mark my 4th “cancerversary” so maybe we are far enough along to move on.

This May 18th however marks my 3rd year in remission. I will continue to count both dates, I wouldn’t be celebrating remission if I wasn’t first diagnosed.

In other health news…

My Primary Dr followed up on previous blood work to track my blood pressure (currently on Meds) and to see how cholesterol was doing. BP is perfect on the meds. So I’m staying on those meds. Bad cholesterol however took a jump and needs to be reigned back in.

She threatened me to get it under control within 3 months or she puts me on cholesterol meds for the rest of my life. This means losing some more weight and also watching what I am eating.

Speaking of weight, my Oncologist confirmed the day he told me “NO MORE SCANS” I weighed exactly what I weighed the day we started my chemo treatments; 233 lbs.

That 233 lbs in January 2007 was after 2 days in St Clares for Kidney surgery and 3 weeks prior to chemo starting and was a combination of cancer and not having much of an appetite mixed with uncertainty and worry…fear and what have you.

Today’s 233 lbs (230 according to the Wii FIT)  is me controlling my weight. Feels like I have come full circle. I am shooting for at least another 10 lbs and avoid the cholesterol meds my primary threatened me with. That’s also hoping weight has enough to do with that number.

Maybe I can get off the BP meds too.

In conversation with my primary I mentioned the occasional but terrible bouts of body pain I do get seemingly in random spurts. They often last about a week and can almost ruin every part of my day. I am often more tired because the pain is exhausting. On top of that I just get cranky and my wife often feels helpless because she can’t relieve my discomfort, much like when I suffered the extreme bone pain during chemo…I still can’t relate to her frustrations about how I felt when I felt that bad.

Cancer is no easier for the care giver I can tell you that much. So when my body hurts and it’s enough that she can tell she tries to help but unfortunately not much does. It has to work itself out. I wonder if this random pain is just a side effect of the chemo etc? No one seems to know.

In response to that Dr. K (my PCP) ran blood checking for LYME and Rheumatoid arthritis. And oh yeah, speaking of Lyme disease…Dawn had to pull a tick out of my chest a few days ago too. Dr K doesn think it was in my body long enough to be a problem. Guess I’ll just wait and see if the tell-tale bulls eye shows up…

Those results should be in by this weeks end and she promised to call with those results.

I am feeling the drag of not writing lately. I have made some art as I posted here recently and on my Cartoon blog (Random Doodles) but I still feel the need to write and since I have been a green light to forego future CT scans etc I feel like most of this cancer chapter of my life is past us and I might actually get back to the “manuscript”  that developed from my first blog (Taking Life One Day At A Time)…I can hear what I want to say and need to write.

And finally in trying to find balance I hope to start walking/running (even thru the random body pain) and keep Cancer so far behind me it loses sight of me. This way I can keep  the forces of evil (Age and Cancer) under my thumb for as long as possible.

I can’t let it keep me down.

I have posted it here before and it still applies…


Finally moving on….Amen.

Be well.

Some Art…

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…Been there, Done that.

It’s early and I need to get to work…

Had a PET/CT yesterday. This one, finally was scheduled after the insurance company denied the request last year. Feels like visiting old friends (Carol and Bob) who work in radiology at St Clares. Was a little anxious last week after it was finally approved and the phone calls were made to set it up.

Went into the machine yesterday with no concerns but it is so easy to slip into “what if” mode.

The whole process felt like it took  a little longer this time and I even fell asleep in the machine during the scan. I don’t know if that says something or not.

Is it a “Been there, done that” kind of thing or “My future’s so bright, I have to wear shades” kind of thing? or both? 

It is a little nerve-racking because after cancer you are never sure of anything. It is always lurking in the back of my mind…BUT I felt good going into this scan, bottom line that is all that matters.


I have been making a lot of art since my last post. I am definitely leaning toward the abstract and I am happy with it. Take a peak at my cartoon blog (link on the side) and you”ll see some recent cell phone snap shots. Need to fire up the scanner, seriously.

I will get back here soon. Life just gets in the way and there is that pesky need to sleep etc. I get tired fast now. 8:30 rolls around and Mr. Sandman is dumping buckets on my head. I plan to get outside now that the seasons have changed. Winter sucks!

Just need my allergy meds first…

Be Well


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