…Been there, Done that.

It’s early and I need to get to work…

Had a PET/CT yesterday. This one, finally was scheduled after the insurance company denied the request last year. Feels like visiting old friends (Carol and Bob) who work in radiology at St Clares. Was a little anxious last week after it was finally approved and the phone calls were made to set it up.

Went into the machine yesterday with no concerns but it is so easy to slip into “what if” mode.

The whole process felt like it took  a little longer this time and I even fell asleep in the machine during the scan. I don’t know if that says something or not.

Is it a “Been there, done that” kind of thing or “My future’s so bright, I have to wear shades” kind of thing? or both? 

It is a little nerve-racking because after cancer you are never sure of anything. It is always lurking in the back of my mind…BUT I felt good going into this scan, bottom line that is all that matters.


I have been making a lot of art since my last post. I am definitely leaning toward the abstract and I am happy with it. Take a peak at my cartoon blog (link on the side) and you”ll see some recent cell phone snap shots. Need to fire up the scanner, seriously.

I will get back here soon. Life just gets in the way and there is that pesky need to sleep etc. I get tired fast now. 8:30 rolls around and Mr. Sandman is dumping buckets on my head. I plan to get outside now that the seasons have changed. Winter sucks!

Just need my allergy meds first…

Be Well


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