#1: I need to find ways to better manage stress!!!!

#2: My PCP thinks I may have an auto-immune disorder. I have a date with a rheumatologist at the end of the month. It’s always something.

#3: Recently learned about “Adrenal Fatigue” and I am wondering if this isn’t another one of my problems lately as well. Need to do some tests…


I searched for you. I waited for you, but you never came. I was there, alone. It was quiet and it was dark. I wondered what you were wearing. I wished I could see you. Your smile. Your touch. The smell of your perfume. It was late when I decided to leave…you never came to meet me. 

…that is/was a random so-called poem? I wrote it. I just put the pen on the paper and that fell out.  I didn’t say it was good.


My Best friend: My Wife…

My wife thinks I’m corny.

My wife has a taste for high heels.

My wife is a great cook.

My wife doesn’t put up with my shit.

My wife knows what drives me crazy and she know how to drive me crazy…(big difference there)

My wife doesn’t laugh at all my jokes but I do know how to make her laugh.

My wife knows how to push my buttons.

My wife knows how to call me out on my bullshit.

My wife knows how to dish it out too.

My wife can be a tough cookie.

My wife can fall apart if stressed too much (she is not super woman all the time)

My wife is beautiful inside and out.

My wife knows how to make me laugh too.

My wife is genuine all the way through.

My wife has put up with all my crap for more than two decades.

My wife loves me with all of her heart…and I am a very lucky guy!


No one quite knows or fully understands how it felt to be my wife when she had to be my caregiver when I was diagnosed with cancer. No one can appreciate it then and in some regard even today still appreciate her feelings going thru that with me.

No one knows (unless you were or are a caregiver in such a position) what it was like to walk in her shoes. They (the caregivers) are the unsung heroes of this shitty disease…(any disease for that matter), they are behind every survivor, sometimes the caregiver survives the afflicted and that is something else altogether. Somehow they support and hold everything together during the worst of it, and they get little or no recognition for it.

They need to be recognized as having dealt with the cancer as well. It affected them too. What needs to be considered is the fact that regardless of who is physically diagnosed, regardless of who has to personally live with the disease in their body during treatment etc, the caregiver is diagnosed as well.

Just an observation from a cancer survivor.


Be well.

Happy Easter.

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