Been thinking…

I’ve been thinking about bigger things and greater plans. I have had dreams and plans and hopes and aspirations…but maybe I should just stop “planning” and just live my life.


It’s about the repetitive, boring, ordinary and the mundane. I wrote about how something like sitting in traffic should be a blessing because cancer didn’t win…its so easy to get annoyed at the simple things that just drive us crazy when we should rather just be in that moment…because we might not get another one.

I lose sight of this daily. Always thinking about tomorrow or next week or next year. And I’m not even mentally present in the moment I’m wasting thinking about tomorrow, next week or next year.

Along with accepting what I can’t control or don’t have I need to spend more time being aware…breathing, thinking, eating, drinking etc. Eveything…no matter how mundane should not be taken for granted.

Everything comes down to perspective and a decision to keep doing something that doesn’t help me or my family or change direction and do something different.

If you change your mind, you can change your life.

Do something else, do something better. 

I was given a second chance to live life better. To do something with my life and all I seem to have done is gripe and moan about what isn’t. 

I personally need to keep my eyes open and be aware of the blessings I/we do have in our lives and realize what is actually a blessing and acknowledge where it’s coming from.

It’s time to stop running around long enough give some thanks…..

Simple as that.


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