Survive Cancer, Die from Stress???

Met my Rheumatologist today. Went over my history and blood work and PET Scans. He performed a minor physical and asked some questions.

Seems I have “symptoms” of Fibromyalgia but…#1: my symptoms are not consistent enough and #2: I apparently lack the accompanying muscle tenderness to fit as a proper diagnosis. What he said was, “You don’t have much of anything to treat with medication” (at this time).

He didn’t say I wouldn’t develop it eventually, he advised Stress can have disastrous effects on the human body and by the way lymphoma can and does trigger false positive ANA (anti-nuclear antibody) #’s.

All of this means absolutely nothing. It’s not all in my head either, but a little less stress couldn’t hurt. And since my mother’s passing a tremendous amount of stress has been relieved in my life. Certainly dealing with my father as a widower has its own stress, but it is a different animal altogether.

Since she passed away the stress that was manifesting itself as body pain has subsided considerably. I still have pain, but it has not been as intense as it was the last few weeks before she died. Regardless of what I told myself and admitted out loud as her disease progressed “that I was okay with it” my body knew better apparently. 

As far as work stress goes, as early as this week I have taken a position offered to me that alleviates some stress from my day and perhaps adds others but the intangible benefits from this job change may make a big difference in my life “stress wise” and therefore my overall health.

And, it’s a step back into management. I haven’t held a management position since my days as the Assistant General Manager of the Ramada Inn, in Mahwah NJ back in 1998. followed by a short unsatisfying stint at Ramada corporate as a Franchise Support Manager managing an 11 state territory with 160 Ramada properties.   (yawwwwn)

So I’m looking forward to the change. Change is good. Less stress is even better.

Dawn and I discussed the amount of stress in our lives since I was diagnosed in 2006 and in the last 4 years some things in life have been almost unbearable. Not only dealing with my cancer but the financial issues that came with it, bankruptcy, job loss and recurring extended family heath concerns, finally my mother’s passing. What our bodies are capable of dealing with and how our bodies eventually break down from what is put upon them is different for everyone…but this last half decade for us has been unusually stressful and right now, any change toward something positive is a welcome change.

So as I glide into a 3 day holiday weekend with a new job and office to occupy soon, life is slowing down a bit as some major things in life are taking shape in big ways and the new school year has started.

We have a 5th grader and a 1st grader now and I will be 41 this October.

We don’t expect to retire or continue live in Jersey for too much longer but we are finally “re-building” and maybe, just maybe working our way out of the hole we fell into just before cancer hit us right between the eyes.  

So we as a family march forward and embrace the changes coming our way and to quote Lennon and McCartney take it as it comes… “Obla di obla da, life goes on…”

Be well.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I’m glad you’re moving into a less stressful season of life. I hope I will be able to do that, too.

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