Redefining Cartoons

Just read one of Mo Willms’ Pigeon books to the kids. And boy did we laugh out loud.

It’s work like his that I aspire to. Simple. To the point and perhaps just plain funny.

I need to update my cartoon blog but having just taken on the new job and we are still in the process of “moving” yada yada yada (all excuses I know this) …bottom line we all have to make time for these types of things, I especially have to make the time. I am feeling the drag of not making some kind of art and it’s weighing me down.

Somewhere I will find my voice (and the time to sing with it as it were)

For many years I have admired the work of Keith Haring, Matt Feazell, Chuck Close, Wassily Kandinsky, Jackson Pollack, David Horvath, Evan Dorkin, Al Hirshfeld, Jules Pfeiffer, Ralph Steadman, Bill Sienkewicz, Charles Schulz, Jon J. Muth, Kent Williams, Bill Watterson, Wiley Miller and Michael Jantze (just to name a few influences)

The mixture of talent listed above is a combination of gag cartoons, abstract art and water colors with my hopes of blending all these influences together into a children’s book someday…or not.

I have no idea. I just know what I like and what I wish would fall out of my head, travel thru my right arm into the pen clutched in my fingers and be brilliant once put down on paper.

Or at least be slightly entertaining, or somewhere in between.


Evan bad art would kill the urge I have right now.

Cell phone camera, pad of Post Notes and a good pen is all I need and I should be all set.

I found that traditional cartoons were made up of a lot of writing. Even pantomime cartoons had to essentially be “written”…I find that I need to study vaudeville and stand up comedy, do some creative writing and ultimatleyI need to write a monologue.

And (in my head, convince myself to) perform the monologue as a one man play (in front of people). One act, one man (me), perhaps several stories. Ala: Spalding Gray.

A desk, a chair, a microphone, a glass of water and the truth.

Maybe that’s why I wanted to cartoon in the first place. I suffer from stage fright. My “actors” would/could act out whatever I had written and somehow I would then be satisfied as an artist.

Ahhhh, one day. ( I swear, I’m working on it. If I don’t… I will kill somebody, if not myself in the process)

 Be well. Check the cartoon blog…oh Hell, I’ll let you know if I add anything to it. Who am I kidding?



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