downsizing my life

(the parts of this entire post i write will be in lower case letters)

if i had my way, i would own almost nothing. the bare essentials, and maybe even less than that. we as a family have collected sooo much crap it seems almost mountainous. i hate it.

i want less.

a lot less.

i have recently cut people from my facebook friends and can see the value of less people in my daily space everyday too. less to say and or do with.

as a cartoonist i needed to be able to work “alone” and as a writer i would be inviting the same thing…total solitude. i am 100% ok with this.

strange thing is, my day job involves people.

been looking into “downsizing” my life.  i included some notes i found on this topic…yet to be applied.

(First you will need to organize your thoughts and make a plan, What is your goal? move to a smaller house, simplify your life, sail away? Whatever the reason, know what it is and plan for that goal).

(Now, look around you and take stock of what stuff you have. Chances are you have a lot more than you thought you had or need. Start getting rid of everything you don’t NEED).

(Try to minimize the commitments you have on a day to day basis that do not add to the quality of your life. This is also an important step to take when you downsize your life. Don’t look back. You will see that unburdening yourself from material possessions and unnecessary commitments is freeing, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it before. It also serves to get rid of many of the reasons why you “couldn’t” do something you always wanted to do)

(Take a deep breath…)

not everything is beneficial. relationships clutter up as much space as some junk does…so  i am considering everything while we go thru our physical junk and start moving out, just to move in somewhere else.

work. friendships. family. whatever isn’t going somewhere needs to be cut off and discarded. i started with facebook. i need to keep going. i plan to keep going.

the link to the site i took my info from:
look, i even kept this post to a minimum. less = more.


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