Giving up on Social Media

I decided today that Facebook and Twitter and other websites like them are a grand waste of time. I started cutting back on my Facebook friends a few days ago and then after reading yet another update about the weekend adventures of other people, I realized I should get busy living my own life inspite of Facebook and stop reading about other people’s lives. (at the least lives they want you to read about)…

Why did I care about anyone else’s weekend or what they were having for dinner or what the freaking weather was outside? Nobody really cared about my weekend adventure updates or what I thought about the rain…

So I gave up Social Media. As of Today October 4th. 

If I use it for anything it will be to promote something I’ve written or some art I’ve created…and unless that status update is to market what I’ve written or the art I created for sale, it serves only to shine a narcissistic light on myself for drawing attention to myself.

Do you dear reader really care about my day? My visit to the Dr? The Traffic I’m sitting in or what I found at Target?

No! If you do care, then you’re already my friend in some other capacity (other than electronically) and would have heard from me at some point with any good news or otherwise.

No one is going to notice my lack of status updates, nor will anyone notice if I am no longer their Facebook friend (because I cut them loose)…honestly if you do notice me missing on Facebook, you have been spending too much time there.

Instead, I plan on writing and painting offline and working on an idea long over due. (an extension of a cartoon I draw for the kids)…I am going to live “offline” for a while and see how that goes.

Maybe I’ll report back here on how life away from Facebook is going and maybe when no one is paying attention on Facebook anymore I will update my status with an ironic post.

But no one is going to care. Some one, some where has to have a statistic of how many days out of the year we lose to being on Facebook etc. Like we spend 600 hours a week in traffic or 1300 hours in front of our TV watching uninspired “Law and Order” and “CSI” clones or “Dancing with the drama queens who think they used to be Stars” etc, etc…

Ahh well. That’s enough Facebook, I need to get back to being an opnionated asshole in real life. (oh, and I guess that means I will miss all the electronic Happy Birthday greetings I should collect in a couple days?!?) ok whatever…


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