Summer movies…SUCK!

And don’t get me started on the Movies…

Hollywood BLOWS. I used to be into the Fanboy stuff (comic books etc, HELLO I was shooting for Cartoonist at one point in my life) but I grew up after Michael Keaton’s BATMAN (1989) and sat thru the horribly uninspired Toby Maguire “Spiderman” (when ever that came out) but never got near the HULK or Ironman and I only skirted the X-Men out of sheer curiosity. (because I was a serious reader of the Comic Books)…Hugh Jackman might have pulled off Wolverine, but I just can’t get past his height. Logan (in the comics), is a short guy. But I digress…

I thought the last Batman movie was down right awful. The first Transformers was another piece of Shite…everything made to put asses in movie theater seats turns me right off.

Maybe it’s the writer in me, I’d rather sit thru a small, independent, dialogue heavy, character driven movie with a plot than movie with an explosion every 30 seconds.

I flat-out HATE the “Blockbusters”…except for Die Hard. For some reason that series is just a lot of stupid fun for me. Beyond that, everything else SUCKS. (also NOTE: I have 2 kids so most animated fare like Cars and Kung Fu Panda will be seen by me and mine…that goes without saying)

Otherwise: check out this shit list:

I could go on and on and on and on here but it’s just easier to ignore TV and Film and just pick up a book. Better to read than rot your brain, but that’s just my opinion.  

That’s it for now.


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