Can’t sleep

I can’t sleep. What’s a blogger to do? rather than turn on the idiot box, he fires up the PC and empties his head.


God is our refuge and strength, and ever-present help in trouble. -Psalm 46:1


When in doubt, pinky out. – Sponge Bob


I am writing on post it notes, scrap paper, blank pages in note books. Anywhere I can. Getting the words that come to me out of my head. I leave little cartoons for the kids. And after the response I have gotten by leaving them almost daily cartoons in their lunch boxes my wife is encouraging me to “do something” with them…


A bowl of cereal at 1:30 in the morning, pretty much hits the spot.


Sometimes I miss my mother more than I ever realized I would, and other times, it doesn’t phase me it all.


I often go back to that date in my mind and wonder why I chose that path vs the other one, the other more simpler path. I wish sometimes I chose the safer, easier path and none of this would have happened. No one’s lives altered for ever. No risk of hard feelings later on, because we all know there will always be hard feelings. Nothing will ever be the same when it ends. Nothing like this ever ends well. We knew that in the beginning….


20 stars between here and there.


I do not understand what anyone sees in Lady Gaga, at all. Unfortunately I think her 15 minutes of fame will far outlast Adam Lambert’s 15…make good use of it buddy, you don’t have long.


 Andy Warhol was an Asshole, telling everyone they will be famous for 15 minutes in the future. You are the reason we have these dumb ass reality TV shows…everyone wants their 15 minutes.

If only it truly lasted just 15 minutes….it might be bearable. Except it’s not just 15 minutes. Ever.


& = “Ampersand”

…the artist formerly known as Scott Ebisch will now be known as “&” ? hey it worked for another loser named Prince.


Would I sign everything; “Ampersand” or just “&”?


It’s almost 2 am and I’m not tired but need to get to sleep. less than 4 hours til the coffee maker starts brewing. Did you know: “A pound of coffee makes approximately 32 eight ounce cups of coffee depending on if you make it weak or strong. If you spend $10 for a pound of coffee and make it at home, you save about $30 over buying 32 tall coffees at Starbucks! Think about that during the current recession.” ??????

And people buy those one cup coffee makers that make literally one cup at a time. At the cost of a box of those coffee bullets if you will I can make almost 65 cups of coffee the way Dawn and I brew it? That K-cup abomination, that so-called coffee machine is not cost-effective at all.

Forget Starbucks, think about those coffee bullets vs a pound of coffee in a traditional coffee maker during this recession. Wow. Just another reason why I won’t invest in one of those things.

Just MHO. it’s my blog…my blog = my opinion.


Status Symbols will always get you in trouble. In this case, expensive coffee makers aside, what about expensive mobile devices with the unnecessary ties to the internet. Why do we need to be plugged in 24/7?

Don’t we remember the good ol’ days when TV ended their broadcast day, played the national anthem and bid us all a good night? Followed by a test pattern on-screen with that horrible high-pitched squeal until 5 or 6 am when the TV station employees flipped the switch back on and started all over again?

I do.

Am I really that old that I remember test patterns and the National Anthem at approx 2 am? No TV after that until the morning. Seriously…it just went off the air. It was a good thing.

We have become too tech savvy, I sat in two meetings today discussing various ways to market to other tech savvy people always “Online” or dependant on their crackberries and susceptible to text messaging and advertising/communication from companies they give permission to receive marketing from.

 In this meeting at one point or another we all checked our phones for a text message or two. None of us were giving the speaker our undivided attention. It happens in manager’s meetings too. Everyone is packing heat, sometimes we all have our phones on the table etc, like it’s the old west and we all have to keep our weapons visible.

It is indeed a different world and our culture is changing rapidly.

I long for the days when you weren’t accessible via cell phone. You couldn’t be found 24/7 regardless of emergency, you left a forwarding phone number.

Is life better or safer with cell phones? I don’t know yet. They are convenient and have gotten me out of a jam once or twice but do I really need unlimited text messaging? Do I need to leave it on all day?

I do…but I’m not sure I want to.

I am only as tech savvy as I have to be. I am NEVER going to pay for a data plan for internet access on my cell phone. I don’t need to access the web everywhere. And I understand if I’m with you somewhere and you need to reply to a text message, but to be surfing he web just because you can???

If we are together hanging out or whatever and you start replying to email on your crackberry or replying to someone else’s Facebook status or God forbid you decide I’m that boring that you start surfing the web on your are going to lose me as a friend. (and you probably won’t care either)

No one HAS to be that connected all the time. Talk about being rude to the person/people you are with…checking email or facebook while you have company jeez! (something else to consider not just in work setting: The person in front of you or with you at any given moment is the most important person in the world at that moment, give them your attention. Anything else is a lack of respect) but anyway…

We need to turn the phones off and learn how to interact with real people again.

Advertising to cell phones…means you never skip the commercials. They follow you everywhere you go. It’s called  Targeted marketing and we have been giving “THEM” permission for years. Every time you swipe your grocery card with your purchase gives them a chance to target ads and coupons to you.

It’s going to get worse. I sat in a meeting today and a sales pitch going over the technology to make your life easier and more complicated all at once. All the buzz words were flying. Most of them flying right over my head.

It’s sickening. Turn the God damn phones off, once in a while. Lets pretend it’s 1989…or any date just prior to the proliferation of cell phones becoming what it is today.


Maybe the worst thing ever invented was the Light bulb. Not long after that we figured out we could work at night and shift work was created to maximize on working hours and be more profitable and 200 years later here I sit at 2:20 in the morning with half the house lit up and my lap top humming as a blog about nothing anyone will care about in the morning.

I should write off line…on a type writer. TAP TAP TAP. TAP TAPPITY TAP TAP “ping!” 

I’m getting old. where’s my sweater? and my checkers?

Oh well…

Good Night.


 * (thank God for spell check…whew, ain’t technology great?)


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