Look out, cartoonist about…

Seems my youngest child shares the cartoons I leave him and my oldest in their lunch boxes almost everyday. He tells me some kids think it’s weird but at least one girl laughs with him at the cartoons he finds tucked under his sandwich.

A few years ago I worked the over night shift at the local Walmart and every time I used a ladder I doodled a face on the left hand side of it. Kind of like marking my territory, or letting the world know I was there.

Now when I walk into that Walmart it’s almost a game to seek out the ladders we can find with my doodle on them. (I know it’s technically graffiti, and I explained this to my son…he understands, trust me)

My wife has encouraged me to “do something” with this cartoon or accidental series of funny drawings since my kids appear to enjoy finding them everyday and now my 7-year-old is sharing them with his class mates which sounds to me like a Word Of Mouth campaign to beat all WOM campaigns…who can argue with the funny bone of a first grader?

If they like it…then short stories, more regular cartoons and or imagine that…a childrens book could be in order. Hey, I’m game.

And to think I doodled this cartoon on the sidewalk in chalk back in 2005.

Who knows…it may not go anywhere, but it makes my kids and my wife laugh, and that’s good enough for me.

More on this later….

Be well, Scott.

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