NaNoWriMo just ahead!(I blog too much)

National Novel Writing Month is coming up. Nov 1 thru 30

After some careful review of my last few posts I wonder if anyone cares, if anyone has read this blog and if I have hit a nerve with anyone. (it’s nothing personal I assure you) and I wonder if anyone wants to read what it is I am writing about, period.

After reading my own blog sometimes I sound schizophrenic from post to post. I need to focus.

With NaNoWriMo coming up in November, I am entertaining signing up and trying yet again to bang out a 50k word novel in 30 days.

I think I can work out time to write after checking the kids’ homework and they are off to bed. Need to average about 1660 words a day everyday to hit the 50k mark.

Just doing it everyday is excuse enough to sign up.


Five favorite things in no particular order:

1)New Balance Sneakers.

2)Dunkin Donuts Coffee.

3)Starbucks Grande 2 pump Vanilla Chai Latte (but DD is good too).

4)Moleskine Notebooks.

5)Timex watches (I’ve had more than a few)

And the ONE thing I can’t live without: The Unstructured Baseball Cap. After my first Cheap Trick concert at 6 Flags/Great Adventure (circa late 1980’s) I fell in love with the fact that this band had two relatively “hot” guys and two otherwise “goofy”guys in the band and as a whole: They Rocked! Rick Neilson (founding member) has never been seen without his trademark unstructured baseball cap and he was the principal goofy guy who wrote most of the bands songs. Didn’t take himself too seriously, he was stylish and prolific, what a combination!…how can you go wrong?  

It’s not because I am a Bald American! (hey if there can be Gay Americans, Native Americans and African Americans etc…there can most certainly be BALD AMERICANS) of which I am…bald. Not gay or african or native (by government definition anyway…but I was born in this country so doesn’t that make me a Native???)

I think so. But whatever….


Along with my rants about social media I think I blog too much. yes, I doth blog too much.

What did we do before blogs?

I don’t know, what did I do before blogging…I think I cartoon’d a lot more!

Wrote in notebooks more often! I wrote looking for ideas to cartoon about! 

Actually wrote offline as if to write a book!

I DID A LOT MORE offline than I accomplish online. (pretty damn sure about that) 

I know I didn’t write or self publish a daily or weekly purging of the crap inside my head…I see the hits this blog gets and I wonder how much is actually read… And much like my son’s lunch box cartoon exercise (I blogged about recently) maybe I should work more offline and set it free…and see if anyone actually wants to know what rattles around behind my eyes. I have always wanted to work on a project (writing or art) and produce it and ship it/market it like a record or CD. “Something released seasonally”. Something that includes 10 or 11 chapters (like music tracks) and maybe I end up with a hit or a the whole thing sucks. But after I have delivered that “collection” I don’t look back, I just keep moving forward and work on the next 10 tracks/chapters/short stories/essays….ad nauseum. Never Surrender.

I still have the equivalent of my previous blog posts that printed out in one volume collected my Cancer story in 300 pages. That still needs to be sifted thru and rewritten.

I am also reading 2 books at the moment and considering a third. Just no room for TV. (and stuff collects on the TIVO quick)

Mostly episodes of 30 Rock, Big Bang Theory, 2 and a half men and some misc stuff we come across from time to time.

And we are still “moving”…life just keeps getting in the way. I’d call it an indefinite work in progress.

 Like everything else it never ends.


Sooo with NaNoWriMo fast approaching I think I will blog less and live more. And I am ignoring Facebook like I set out to do and except for my over doing it here by blogging… I am reading other blogs but that’s about it. I need to get physical pen to physical paper. Put one word in front of the other and get on with my life.

I keep threatening to “get on with my life”  but I keep coming back here and ranting about shit.

Have to check homework and dish out snacks before bed and then there are the dishes.

See you around the next bend.

Be well.


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