I had cancer

My profile on this new social network: http://www.ihadcancer.com is: http://www.ihadcancer.com/scotte.

As I approach the 5th anniversary of my cancer diagnosis this year, I am feeling the strong urge to communicate my story (my family’s story) to whatever corners of the world want to listen. I have blogged about it before, but this time I want to accomplish something not just rant about it.

I am following a diverse group of people on Twitter involved with cancer in some way and it is inspiring me to do more. Life is still a struggle since cancer, but like anything else it’s a small world when you stop and really look at it.

Check out http://www.ihadcancer.com and follow me on twitter if you like @scebisch.

Be well.

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Been away for a while…

Planning on blogging again from time to time. I’ve dropped Facebook and picked up twitter. You can follow me @scebisch.

I’m sure a few things have happened since my last post here in November 2010. Nothing earth shattering but stuff I will probably write about once I narrow down my focus about what to share and what not.

Hope any one who is/was/will be reading this is doing well.

Be Good.

See you soon.


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