Finding my True North…

I volunteered to take over my son’s cub scout pack this year. I should say ‘we’ as my efforts as a den leader is really a joint effort with my wife’s help.

After cancer (dec 2006-july 2007) I struggled to find my purpose in surviving. For some time I questioned why I had beaten two cancers. (Renal Cell Carcinoma and Hodgkin’s Lymphoma) I felt I had to have a reason, a mission.


I took classes to certify to become an Emergency Medical Dispatcher (911) but that didn’t pan out. Prior to that I started discussing plans to start a non-profit organization with a friend who also survived cancer.

When our visions for it didn’t line up…I walked away.

I am approaching my 5 year anniversary of my Diagnosis this year,  and it seems fate has steered me towards my true north.

Volunteerism. Giving something back to my children and their friends and the community we live in. Through the Girl Scouts my daughter has accomplished many great things in her seven years with the Scouts. And as we work thru our boys in our Wolf den we will do the same.

My legacy isn’t as the writer or cartoonist I always wanted to be…my legacy is in these kids. In helping mold the lives of these seven boys and the friendships we will nurture among the kids and with their parents.

Some one once said to me that life would show me what I was meant to do…and after almost half a decade since the biggest life changing event in our house, it appears life has indeed done just that.

In 1999 my wife and I were appointed lay youth ministers to the teenagers in our church. I may never fully know the impact of our “just being there” keeping the group alive and moving really meant to the spiritual lives of those kids. But they are adults out there in the world now and in some way, shape or form my wife and I left our fingerprints on their lives for a year.

The same holds true for my Wolf den. I will never truly know the impact leading these kids will have…but I am trying to make a difference.

And 5 years after cancer I suppose that is all I can ask for.

Be well.

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