Unscripted Drama

I may have blogged about this in the past, but I’m starting with this anyway…

I follow sports from a very casual vantage point but find it terribly interesting to read about it in the newspapers because sports is unscripted drama. Unlike an hour long TV show about cops, lawers or doctors.

Maybe a show about a guy or gal who is a cop by day. Lawyer by night and vigilante doctor on the side. And of course he or she solves crimes in a neat 45 minutes leaving enough room for commercials. I still wouldn’t watch it.

Anyway…life is also unscripted drama, but the results of an otherwise pointless Mets game is an escape from the crap we all have to deal with on a daily basis.

One of the reasons I deleted my facebook account was the redundant nature of people’s comments, posts, etc. There was always an “oh woe is me” element placed in a seemingly harmless post by anyone looking for attention from so-called friends.

Reading about the same things day in and out became very boring, so I searched the privacy options and requested my account be deleted.

I haven’t bothered to check. I hope facebook honored my request and truly deleted it and didn’t just deactivate it,  waiting for me to sign in again out of curiosity.

I have enough daily bullshit in my life that reading about everyone else’s daily bullshit was beginning to annoy me.

Maybe it’s me but reading a post about your life altering insurmountainable problem (sarcasm) when compared to my legitimate insurmountable problem (also sarcasm) would often lead to eye rolling and tongue clucking and spontaneous outbursts of “give me a break” …

Even if that post I’m now making fun if is/was legitimate in your eyes…facebook came to embody one-up-manship dipped in liberal amounts of “look at me, look at me”

Maybe I didn’t get it. I joined Twitter and I am much happier. No drama there, just topics I choose to follow. With Google+  now available to everyone and I’m sure another social media service in the works, I’ll stick to my Twitter updates on the Mets and NY Rangers and enjoy the fact that the outcome, win or lose of these contests is irrelavant. They are just kids games being played by over paid adult athletes who never grew up.

I follow the Mets primarily because in my experience 90% of Yankees fans are assholes. NOT every Yankees fan fits this stereotype…but most do. And I find the arrogance extremely sad.

And I am a Mets fan because I have been an underdog my whole life. I can relate to losing most of the time. Being a Yankees fan is too easy.

And lastly I was born in October 1969. My father was not in the delivery room as was the custom back then. He was in the waiting room with the other Dads to be watching the World Series.

The storied ’69 Mets would go on to win that world series against the Orioles.

Like I said sports is unscripted drama and a periodic escape from my own.

I don’t think I had point when I started this post…like most times it was an excuse to write and eventually I will get around to what bothers me the most.

That’s it.
Thanks for reading.
Any and all comments welcomed.

Be well.
(Please excuse any grammatical errors. I’m typing this on the WordPress app on my phone)

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