Happy Birthday to Me.

Today is the 42 anniversary of my birth. But the way I see it I start my 43rd year tomorrow.

This way of thinking annoys my family. My 11 year old daughter was getting tangled in my logic…until my wife advised that she let it go.

My logic works this way…I was, like everyone (for the most part) technically 9 months old when I was born in October of ’69. When I reached October 16th 1970 I was technically 1 yr and 9 months old. (Or almost 2 yrs old)

If the gestational period for life in the womb lasted another 90 days we would be a full year old at birth BUT we count our new borns as Zero days old on that magical day they’re born.


Everyone is 9 months older than they say they are and each birthday is just an anniversary just like any other. Which means that anniversary Marks the end of said year.

Today marks the anniversary of my birthday 42 years ago. But technically I’ve been living in my 42nd year all year long.Chronologically speaking (2011-1969 =42) regardless of when my “anniversary” lands in that year.

So, that being said I am actually closer to 44 than just “marking” or “passing” my 42nd year on this earth. (Add in 9 months in womb, that makes me 42y, 9m….Given the benefit of first 3 months out side of womb to complete the first year of life…I should be celebrating my first year alive in January 1970)

Every anniversay should follow each January and this would mean Jan 16th I am actually 43 years old and the very next day begins my 44th)…so I am a year older than my Drivers Licence says I am.

Keep in mind I was one of those guys who counted 2000 as the end of the 90’s NOT the beginning of the next decade or millenium. That started in 2001.

We count 1 to 10…not 0-9.

So I am clearly in my 40’s chronologically, but also counted as being within my 5th decade. Because at the end of this decade I will be “turning” 50. The next day I start on 51st year. And the beginning of my 6 th decade.

Frustrating? Apparently. But it makes sense that at the very least we are all almost a full year older than our birth certificates say we are.

Last night the crowd of Scouts and parents and other den leaders sang Happy Birthday around the camp fire as our evening wound down for the night after a full day of activities for the cub scouts at the Cub Scouts Camporee.

It was a terrific weekend.  My kids had a blast as did the kids in my den. It was a much better go ’round my 2nd year at Camporee this year.

Weather was perfect.

One way or another I had a birthday today. And most people missed it.

Sad but true. That is a post for.another day, until then…

Be well.
Do your best.
Always be prepared.

Have a nice week, if I don’t post again anytime soon.

Sorry if I gave you a headache.

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  1. Scott, you’re such a good writer. I love reading your words. Very interesting logic about being 9-12 months older than what we celebrate every year! And it broke my heart that most people missed your birthday….I felt so awful that we spent time with you not even knowing. If I had known I would have picked u up a birthday cupcake, lit a candle, and we could have sung to you. Of course, it wouldn’t have been as special as singing to you around a camp fire. :). Hope the rest of your day was happy!!

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