“Good girls go to heaven…”

“Good girls go to heaven. But Bad girls go everywhere” was what Jen was singing out loud rather enthusiastically standing next to me in 1988 at my first Cheap Trick concert. I only recognized their current hit at the time “The Flame” which they saved for late in their set.

But that night I became a Cheap Trick fan. And it’s because of guitarist Rick Nielson that I came to love the unconstructed baseball cap.

It is his signature look along with his special 5 neck guitars and black and white checker board designs and clothing he wore on stage. And while he was a serious musician, he was funny and full of bullshit at the same time.

The band consisted of two good looking and two goofy looking band members. Rick and drummer Bun E Carlos made up the goofier half but their energy, humor and solid performances have never failed me.

We stood on our feet during the entire show at of all places Six Flags Great Adventure, in Jackson NJ. And apparently Jen knew a few more songs than I did. (She was a few years older than I was, had some “experience” which made her the Bad Girl in that song and the reason my parents didn’t like her) She sang along with most of the songs that night. But like most girls I’m sure she only wanted Robin Zander the skinny blonde lead singer.

Either way I would see countless Cheap Trick concerts in the coming decades and stick with them thru the years and buy their new music. I sing every word of every song I own.

Jen and I didn’t work out. We weren’t exactly on a date while at that concert but we might have had a spark between us. I was the too chicken shit kid who didn’t have the balls to find out how long that fire might have burned.

See, prior to this concert I started dating the girl I would marry just that month and this Wednesday we will celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary.

If you are keeping score…I mentioned we started dating in 1988. On our first date we went to see BIG with Tom Hanks. Remember that movie?

We’ve all gotten older. My how time flies.

To my Cheap Trick, Police and Billy Joel collection Dawn brought a young Bon Jovi into my cassette player. I know, I know….but her passion for Bon Jovi would only last 20 years. She finally out grew that hack, but not until she tested my patience with years and years and years of mediochre shit music. But he has a couple tunes I’m ok with. But not many, trust me.

My wife replaced Bon Jovi with Rick Springfield. A better choice by far, but enough about Bon Jovi.

Anyway…my love of unconstructed baseball caps, character driven films and documentaries, my corny humor my wife no longer laughs at (except when she finds it honestly funny, because I still know how to make her laugh…) is all part of my Rick Nielson inspired sensitive artist-self still scribbling words and doodles into notebooks, trying to find my sense of artistic direction, my rock-n-roll lost soul that was born that night

I want to write a play.

I wish I had the nerve to perform something I wrote as a one act, one man play or monologue ala Spalding Gray.

I wish I was a better story teller. I think that’s why I write all this bullshit down…thinking it will come in handy some day.

Like recounting my first Cheap Trick concert with an experienced older woman singing about the bad girls.

Dawn says Jen had a “thing” for me but doesn’t think we would have lasted. I agree with her…but if I could find my way back to my 19 year old self I’d tell me to steal that kiss when we were alone (which was more than a few times as I remember it)

But then…I wouldn’t be who I am today with the incredible woman who said “Yes” when I poppd the question with the two amazing kids we created together.

Even if life would be different, I might not have avoided the Cancer…there is no way to know. It’s not even worth a guess. But I don’t think it’s worth finding out…just more fun speculating.

And telling stories about.

Who knows. All I do know is that good girls go to heaven, and bad girls everywhere”

I guess there is some truth in that?

We’ll have to check with the band someday.

-Be well


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  1. Yeah, I really enjoy reading your blogs. You’re witty, truthful and very much enjoyable- great combination. I’m so glad you and Dawn ended up together…couldn’t imagine either of you without the other. And I never really got Jon Bon Jovi either.

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