Random Fiction/Nichole Nordeman song

The words I need escape me.

Know this, the journey is over. The adventure has to end here.

We’d be crazy to believe to that fate isn’t working against us now. The odds are stacked in favor of the house.

And the house ain’t us.

Together we sailed uncharted seas, drank deeply in forbidden love and bathed in the warmth of another sun.

We discovered amazing treasures along the way, but sadly we can only keep the bittersweet memories. I will always hold them dear.

The temptation is too great to ignore, I admit… but I cannot risk losing you forever.

I have to go against nature and deny my heart this time. I fear it will be our undoing and will cost us more than this pain we feel now.

If we go back, it will cost us, everything.

I will never forget.

I will never, ever forget.


“HOME” Nichole Nordeman

“Bright are the stars that shine in somebody else’s sky, green is the grass that grows, some place different.

More possibilities, more than you offered me. More than I cared to see, from a distance.

I was certain that the truth would be in a place that kept eluding me, but every stone turned and unturned again would only serve to prove that I never had to move to find you.

And you will always be the only love I’ll ever know, home. And you have made for me the only place I’ll ever go, home.

God, for the shameless pride, the times when I rolled my eyes to laugh at simplicity, show me mercy knowing what I know now, its hard to imagine how I could feel anything but unworthy.

And the mystery of your love for me is not as hidden as it seemed to be, should have known then when you said to me “seek and you will find”… it was right here all the time.

I believe in the quest and the journey, I believe that the answers come in time and where we begin is where we arrive.”

words by Nichole Nordeman ©2000


And you will always be the only love I’ll ever know…you have made for me the only place I’ll ever go…home.

The seas were deep and unforgiving. The journey was always the destination.

You went with me. Thank you.



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