The Holidays.

“Happy Horror Days” should have been my greeting a long time ago, but I just wrote that.

I have despised the “holidays” for decades now. From the God awful waste of time that is Halloween right on thru to New Years.

I find no enjoyment in any of this crap.

Mostly because of family issues and my late mother’s insistance on tradition on the seemingly holiest of family get togethers…Christmas Eve.

Its not all my mother’s fault, I’m not sure who is completely to blame but consumerism, advertising, wall street, television, malls, anything and anybody who has sucked the life out of why we celebrate anything as human beings is to blame.

The holidays are like enriched white bread. All the good stuff has been removed in favor of the shit put into it to make it good for you.

I get nothing out of decorating. (So I don’t partake, my wife does…and I bitch about the energy she’s wasting and all the extra holiday themed crap littering the house)



People (generally assholes to begin with become bigger assholes during the ‘horror days’)

Parking lots…cars and people and people and their cars.

Shitty weather. WE ARE FARTHER AWAY FROM THE SUN PEOPLE…who jammed these holidays into the end of the freakin’ year. It rains and snows between October and December! (At least in most of this country, especially the north east)

Food. Too much food for too little people. And its always the same shit…TURKEY or HAM in some form or another.

We run around seeing people (mostly the family we moved away from) stuffing our faces and watching football or tearing open presents no one really wants, knows what to do with or has room for.

Not to mention the extra debt accumulated as well.

Unfortunately I don’t have a solution to the horror days. I would skip them all, if I could. Not one if them means what they used to…every single get together we will have in the next 90 days is a manufactured hallmark greeting card commercial engineered to increase profitability for everyone in the BUSINESS of taking your money.

Sorry if that is an overly pessimistic way of looking at it but…lets be honest.

In 2009 we went as a family to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. The view from the street was unbelievable. The kids LOVED it. It was so much better than the 3 hour “commercial” you get on TV.

But it’s still sponsored by a retail giant…there is no escaping that. The whole reason the parade exists is to sell you MACY’S. Duh.

I recently had to explain to my kids about advertising. Advertising between their favorite TV shows and within the same shows sometimes.

My daughter was enlightened.

TV was invented to sell us shit. They invented the Soap Opera to keep that 1950’s mom glued to the TV long enough to convince her she needed to buy Tide or some other brand of detergent.

Its all a game.

The holidays used to be about something. Since I’ve been around its been about ‘Stuff’ and that’s why these are horror days not holidays.

Even that definition is wrong.

What is a holiday anyway? Supposed to be a day off or vacation basically. A day you get away from everything and everyone…short of a day off from work (which many of us don’t actually get) we surround ourselves with stress.

And family which is inbred stress.

And bills which keep us at work longer to pay those bills off, also stress.

We stuff too much food down our throats into bodies too inactive to not make us fat.


And we let the marketing departments of all these corporations keep us locked into this endless cycle of bullshit.

Its high time to stop the madness.

But we never will.

What’s that? Did I just hear a Christmas song?  It pretty much starts the day after halloween…(used to be called All Saints Day, thus giving us All Hallows Eve. Which has become the confectioner’s wet dream that has become halloween…)

Ok. I have to stop.

Happy Horror Days.



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