Post No Rants

I am not Dennis Miller. His rants are inspired, angry, funny, opinionated slices of everyday truth.

My rants here in cyberspace are just bitchy, whiney, complaint fueled diatribes that have no value.

Except that every word is mine and comes from my gut.

Even if I have a point I am not collecting my thoughts here very well. I write on this blog “live”…I may edit as I re-read but I am not planning or plotting anything out.

I just tap a vein and pour my bile into this blog. It serves as my electronic therapist. I don’t believe anything I’ve written thus far has enriched anyone’s lives.

All I am doing is spewing forth my discontent. If you can relate to my frustrations then that’s great.

If you are just entertained by reading the disconnected thoughts of an aging wanna-be professional cartoonist then that’s great too.

I just want to make a few bucks at this…then I might feel like the crap I dump here is serving a purpose and is content worth charging for.

If I can keep Pop Tarts on the shelf then I can say my writing is paying off.

NaNoWriMo is just around the.corner. I am charging into it head first, not planning on coming up for air until I have pounded 50,000 words or more into a word document.

Then I can start to rewrite the madness that it is.

Its my cycle of the werewolf. Seasons come and go…I create and then I don’t. I need to forge ahead and never look back. Bleed the truth, get my version onto the page and fix it later.

Someday my kids will uncover all this shit…my sketchbooks, notebooks, word documents and scrap paper filled with all these disconnected thoughts that successfully made it out of my head.

It’s stringing them together that worries me.

I have probably written a few books considering all the words on paper I have collected into piles, jammed into drawers and left exposed between covers of random composition notebooks.

Maybe I should start sifting thru all that madness. I’m sure there are threads of truth to start weaving together.

A writer writes. And I have written, a lot. Just not in any kind of linear order that would make sense to anyone.


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