Career Misadventures

“Career misadventures” is how I am describing the nearly ten years since my last real job in Hospitality.

In August 2002 I was laid off and left my middle management job as a Franchise Support Manager at a large hotel franchise company with two months of salary and Severence to follow.

The list from here forward completes the aforementioned misadventures. Pretty much in this order:

Walmart. (6 mos)

UPS. (3 mos)

Shoprite. (16 mos)

Minerals Resort and Spa (6 mos)

Starbucks coffee company. (12 mos)

Embroidery creations. (6 mos)
*cash paying under the table gig while at Starbucks.

GET CANCER!!! (Lose a turn and 9 months to multiple CT scans, Dr consults, surgery, chemo etc) *achieve remission* go back to work…

Route 23 Honda. (3.5 yrs)

Walmart (again, another 6 mos)

And finally back to the hotel job I wedged in before Starbucks. Most of those jobs were taken for the benefits, my wife was running her own consultancy business until Cancer hit home and everything spirialed into the toilet.

This time I decided to get back to what I know well and spent 12 years doing. Taking care of people.

I am getting older and I just want to settle into something I know. I think a solid ten year absence from the only thing I was ever really good at is long enough…

So in keeping with our plans to stay in county for work, my wife and I are adapting to new but familiar schedules that involves nights, weekends and holidays.

I already feel comfortable behind the desk. The whole time spent training these two weeks feels like putting on an old sneaker.

The fact that the resort is three times bigger than it was the last time I worked there and that it has several sources of income other than just room revenue is an adjustment for me.

My old school (before the internet) hotel brain wants to put heads in beds in order to keep the lights on…but this place boasts three hotels each more grand than the last. A sports club, two spas, seven golf courses and at least 13 eateries/restaurant options.

I need to think a little further outside the average hotel revenue model.

And with a flexible schedule I hopefully can find and make time to work on the cartoons my son’s 2nd grade teacher offered to use in class for writing prompts and make some art for me as well.

I’m in the middle of NaNoWriMo and not where I was hoping my word count would be, but aside from that…I hope this is the upswing we’ve been waiting for.

The light at the end of this long dark tunnel we’ve been in since my cancer diagnosis in 2006 if not before that.

Lets hope…

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In other words I Quit.

Today I am resigning from my envious post at the local Walmart. I am returning to what I know best, hospitality.

I spent twelve years in the hotel business. Started out as a nervous front desk clerk but moved up to Assistant General Manager in a six short years.

Moved to Ramada Corporate and was laid off about 10 months after the events of 9/11. (Airport properties were seeing catastophic financial losses due to a dramatic drop in business, the franchisor started to cut back.)

I took that kick to the curb as my ticket to brighter horizons. However, it didn’t pan out that way. The lesson here is “STICK with WHAT YOU KNOW.”

So after almost 9 years of career misadventures and a little cancer thrown in, a lot of writing (blogging and whatnot) that has gotten me nowhere I am at long last going to back into the hotel business.

In this case a resort and spa. I don’t play golf, I don’t ski or snow board. I don’t care for water parks or rides…but put me behind the front desk of the hotel there and I’m at home.

The hours suck. Holidays, nights and weekends are no longer yours. People can be impossible to please and nothing goes as planned. But I have spent far too many hours taking care of people’s needs to the best of my ability and based on the limitations of the facility and what it has to offer…its all I truly know.

So, fare thee well Walmart job. I won’t really miss you. You were my rebound job.

Its nothing personal.

Just business.

Turning a corner?

Its November. Its National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) a 50,000 word writing challenge I have attempted to complete for a few years.

I have dived in head first.

I just accepted a new job. I am returning to my career origins in the hotel business.

Approxamately 6000 words into my seat of the pants novel I feel like I am turning a corner…professionally and creatively.

My wife came home from work last night and was wondering why I was in such a good mood. I could only attribute it to my NaNoWriMo word count. (Make art, be happy) I was creating for several hours yesterday. I don’t expect it to always be this easy but right now the words are flowing.

I drew a halloween themed cartoon for my kids to find after school on monday, my son asked if he could bring it to school today.

Very happy with that.

I’m drawing, writing and hopefully making a career move that I can stick with.

Right now, life is good.

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