In other words I Quit.

Today I am resigning from my envious post at the local Walmart. I am returning to what I know best, hospitality.

I spent twelve years in the hotel business. Started out as a nervous front desk clerk but moved up to Assistant General Manager in a six short years.

Moved to Ramada Corporate and was laid off about 10 months after the events of 9/11. (Airport properties were seeing catastophic financial losses due to a dramatic drop in business, the franchisor started to cut back.)

I took that kick to the curb as my ticket to brighter horizons. However, it didn’t pan out that way. The lesson here is “STICK with WHAT YOU KNOW.”

So after almost 9 years of career misadventures and a little cancer thrown in, a lot of writing (blogging and whatnot) that has gotten me nowhere I am at long last going to back into the hotel business.

In this case a resort and spa. I don’t play golf, I don’t ski or snow board. I don’t care for water parks or rides…but put me behind the front desk of the hotel there and I’m at home.

The hours suck. Holidays, nights and weekends are no longer yours. People can be impossible to please and nothing goes as planned. But I have spent far too many hours taking care of people’s needs to the best of my ability and based on the limitations of the facility and what it has to offer…its all I truly know.

So, fare thee well Walmart job. I won’t really miss you. You were my rebound job.

Its nothing personal.

Just business.


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  1. If I had my hotel chain right now I’d hire you on the spot! You are the type of person this industry needs: someone who’s passionate about hospitality. I provide staffing for luxury condos and apartments and am blessed to have a good solid team in place.

    Stay true to yourself and I wish you the best!


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