Introducing Ebz ART…

I will be using this blog to build my brand (if you will) and will be posting at this new address primarily. Any and all future art work including cartoons and doodles etc will be found here.

Just to clarify (in case you were curious) “Ebz” is a nick name I had in high school. It’s based on my last name which is Ebisch and had become widely used by most everyone I knew.

Thanks for reading “Nobody Gets Out Of Here Alive” as you can see my focus finally shifted to my art work and my grammar school aspirations of cartooning. I hope to post here again, but my frequency has tapered off and you can see why.

Hope to see you visit my Art Blog and comment there too.

Be well.

Scott Ebisch

I’m on facebook and twitter (@scebisch) btw…





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3/14 cartoon


©2012 scebisch

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Lion or sheep cartoon


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Todays Cartoon


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Cartooning full time


I am turning “pro” and by that I mean, I am showing up everyday to write and draw cartoons full time.

I still have and need my day job, but instead of waiting for life to provide an opportunity…I’m finally just committing to cartooning on a full time basis.

I will feature my cartoons via a blog (if not this one), facebook and twitter for now. A website will follow, eventually I guess.

See you soon, Be well.