Remission Day 2012


On May 16th 2007 after 4 cycles of ABVD chemotherapy I went thru a PET/CT to see how the cancer had responded up to this point.

Two treatments equalled One cycle. I was scheduled for 6 cycles but the usual pattern is to check after 4.

Two days later on May 18th, my oncologist called me at home to inform me the cancer was gone. I was and still am in Remission.

I had to finish the chemo which I hated, but the following May I started every morning on the 18th before the sun came up. A tribute and a celebration for still being here.

This year the weather cooperated and I snapped a picture of the sun as it came over the mountains here in Sussex County at about 6:15ish.

Today is my personal holiday and a second birthday of sorts.

For everyone who is battling cancer there are days like this to look forward to.

Fight the fight. Get on the other side of the battle and share your story. Help others see that early detection can save your life.

And everyday should start with watching the sunrise.

Be well.
God Bless.