Never Surrender

I’m on a quest.

Or so it seems. I have always viewed myself as a “creative” and have always leaned towards the arts. Mostly visual arts, especially cartoons. I set out to be the next Charles Schulz in 8th grade. That was in 1983ish. I did not get there. A lot of life got in the way.

And that’s ok. I have accepted the detours and I took and I am still working on it, to some degree. I post art work (mostly cartoons) at more than have posted here in the last couple of years.

And I have a book to finish. I have a business idea brewing with my wife that is in its infancy. I have things I want to accomplish and it feels like I have sooo little time to get to any of them.

But I am working on that. Its going to take motivation and drive and determination to carve out my niche and find people who like what I do, hopefully purchase my book and art work that will arrive later this year. (Personal goal) … I also hope my two children take something away from this process. They were all of 7 and 3 years old respectively when I had cancer in ’06-07. They have seen our struggles as a family and how my wife and I have done all that we could with what we had.

I would hope perhaps above all else, that my kids see that you never stop trying. You never take failure personally. You always get up when you’ve been knocked down and you take another shot.

I may not have made it as a professional cartoonist (yet) and may never write a New York Times best seller. But I am bound and determined to finish writing my book and get it electronically published by the end of this year. If that means I have to say “No” to some things, people and/or events to accomplish that, then is what I will do.

But I want my kids to see that I didn’t give up. Not when the cancer showed up, not when the condo association sued us out of our home, not when I lost yet another job in this shitty economy.

I never gave up.

“Never Surrender”

Be well.



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