Taking a little time…

I am taking a few months to adjust the sails, if you will. I have found myself a little bit all over the place lately.

I am using two twitter accounts, posting to two blogs and very recently posting to somewhere.com and instagram as well.

I do not believe I have a united voice on all of these platforms, so I am taking a little time to ReFOCUS, ReCALIBRATE and I will ReLAUNCH something in July of 2014 (hopefully under my own domain name)

This doesn’t mean I won’t be using twitter etc during this time, I will still post here and there but in smaller doses as I work things out and locate my center of gravity again.

I am very excited about all of this and will send out a “frequent dispatch” to the interwebs by way of WordPress (here) or instagram, twitter etc.

Its just time to bring everything together with ONE voice.

Be well.

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The goal is…


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What are we called to do?

My near daily ritual of scratching in my notebook, filling it with random asides, ideas, plans… Glimpses of the bigger picture.

I’ve noticed in review that I’ve accomplished a few things here and there. I think my expectation that making a career of art/cartooning would open the flood gates of fame and fortune is obviously askew.

Life is “everyday”, its full of routines and schedules and habits. Its getting out of bed to so the same tasks over and over again. Repetition at its worst.

Day jobs being what they are, finding and making time to do The Thing we want to do is also part of that daily ritual, its what keeps us grounded and safe. Certainly flights of fancy and adventure break up the monotony, but those moments are far and few between.

So I try very hard to maintain some life/work balance. My mantra is: “live life, make art, be happy”… Working art in as much as possible helps tip the scales back in my direction before life steals everything from me.

I dont know if I really have a message to share. But maybe that’s not my decision to make. I have yet to return the task of writing my so-called book, and before I had cancer in 2006 I was called to ministry in 1998. I didn’t answer the call, which implies there is a story buried in there I should also probably tell.

I have more to say than i clearly have time. I need to hunker down, get these stories out of my head and share them with whomever will want to read them.

Maybe that’s the mission. Maybe I’m just getting in God’s way of telling these tales of salvation and redemption. A lot has happened to me and my family in the last 15 or so years… Maybe there is a reason after all.

I never believed in my heart I could be a preacher with a congregation, running a church, ministering to the lost, counseling, leading… Being a beacon of light. But i still see visions of this, glimpses of a larger plan. A plan i have been recruited for but didn’t design.

What are we called to do? I know what I was called to do…and just like Jonah I ran.To this day I am reminded of what I didn’t do. The one thing I was asked to do… by the almighty.

His is not an audible voice but I recognize it, like I did that sleepless night I had back on Monday, January 16th 1998.