Seems I have a lot going on these days.

My family and I are moving within the month. That alone is an undertaking that will upset daily schedules and burn us out. But we have been blessed to have found a house to rent that offers more space and bedrooms and a fenced in yard to boot.

We also used the Easter holiday to re-invest ourselves in the small church we attend very irregularly. And as it is I have decided to explore online resources to re-educate myself on the bible and seek ministry credentials.

16 years ago I was rather involved in the church I grew up in and felt “God’s call” on my life to enter the ministry. I never truly responded and talked myself out of it even after seeking wisdom from my Senior Pastor and Youth Pastor friend at the time. I have lived with some aspect of my life feeling somewhat incomplete because of my lack of faith and response.

There has been a considerable journey in those 16 years since and this past New Years I felt compelled again as I have in the past to finally answer God.

I have had the bare bones manuscript of a book chronicling my cancer story in the works but as of now is still unfinished. I think I need to approach it from a different angle and incorporate my failure to reply to a calling that I know will change my life. So like any story of redemption I am at a point of starting over and getting it right this time.

Many parts of my creative life will be affected by this new direction I’m taking but I truly believe everything in my life will be enriched because of it as well.

More to follow.

Be well.


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