New Blog, New Story…

I have just started a new Blog.

I’m not saying this blog will not be used or posted to but I am going to concentrate on writing in a specific direction for a little while (probably years) and most of my efforts will end up at “I Don’t Belong Here”, just in case you follow me here I wanted to let you know where I will be posting now.

Please look me up there and follow me, read and comment (I encourage and look forward to your comments) … I haven’t been very focused as a blogger on the comments I get but I mediate them all when wordpress alerts me to them and I have published them all. I hope to get better at this and respond and comment back.

anyway, Ebzart and Nobody gets Out of Here Alive will continue to move forward but for the immediate near future and God willing for the next few years I hope you find my efforts on the new blog worth your time.

Thanks for your support and I look forward to the conversations we may have together.

Be well


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