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I never knew I was making this much of an impact or collecting this much traffic which still doesn’t feel like I should rank among the top 10% but that’s what they said… Don’t ask me. 

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Tomorrow is Ten Years…

Tomorrow is ten years to the day that I was diagnosed with two different cancers. Ten years! 

I was 37 when I found the bump I my neck that started my original blog (on blogger, I don’t know if it’s still out there or not)…. I did print all my posts from that time as I planned on turning them into a book. 

So far that has not been accomplished. 

That blog lead to this one because I was no longer just focusing on my health concerns and wanted to go off and write about other things. 

I got away from this a few years ago. Started cartooning and posted those cartoons to yet another blog. That lead to an exposure gig (as I’ll call it from now on…As there was no compensation) at That gig is on going which is nice to have. But I seriously need to get back to work…

So it’s been ten years since that day I found out what cancers were plaguing my body. Ten years since I found out how fast the bottom would fall out. Roughly ten years since I stepped into a bad career that I am still stuck in. (I started working in the car service business after I achieved remission) … I need to make a change. But that’s a different blog post for another day. 

My cartoons have stagnated as the holidays set in. That will improve in a few weeks. My writing has been non existent except for my cartoons. I desperately need to get back to that. The habit of writing at least 300 words every day is very therapeutic.

So as the day begins tomorrow and I go to work like I did ten years ago on December 19th 2006, I will be going about the rituals of the mundane and try to earn my keep, I will, in the midst of the litany feel the ghosts of that day in the mall when my cell phone rang and the mention of the first cancer comes to me. A weight will have been lifted while the realization of the road ahead won’t sink in for quite some time. 

It’s staggering to me that it has been a whole decade since that ordeal began. 

All I can hope for is that I will blog about the twentieth anniversary of that day in the  not so distant future. I hope you are there to read about it too.

Be well. 

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It’s been way too long…

I plan on writing and posting here again very very very soon. 

I need the therapy. 

To be continued…

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