Ax to grind

I’ve never been a Cartoonist with a political ax to grind. I do have issues with things and people. They would be my cartoon fuel as it were. But my issues revolve around organized religion mostly. 

But today I returned to doodling the President of the United States and have been having a ball skewering him. 

In one cartoon I even dragged in Joel Osteen. This is a great time to be a Cartoonist. Whether that cartoon sees the light of day, is a different story. I posted it on Instagram and Facebook just to share it and have fun with it.

As serious as the news would have us believe this hysteria is surrounding Trump and his presidency… I only see opportunity to lambaste our so-called leaders and hold them accountable for their actions. 

That’s my job. That’s every Cartoonists job. 

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Klondike (Troop 90) 

Completed signs for my son’s scout troop for the Klondike this weekend.

Needless to say I’m not happy with them 100% but they’re finished. And that’s all that matters. 

My secondary motto now is: “Finished. Not perfect.” 

And my primary motto as always has been and will be: “Live life. Make art. Be happy.”

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Sign for Boy Scouts

Getting ready for the Klondike. Franklin NJ Boy Scout troop 90.

To be painted this weekend pending final approval. 

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Ok, so he’s the President. 

I’m not gonna say if i voted for him or not. I dont think any of that is important. What i do think is important is that good or bad (hopefully he will succeed as president) this is a great time to be a cartoonist, commedian, humorist, satirist and/or punk rock musician. 

There is fun to be poked. This is a very serious job and maybe Trump will be a fine president. Who knows? Only time will tell. But the material coming out of Washington in the next 4 years (minimum) will be priceless.

I am friends with quite a few Cartoonists on facebook and the majority of them in just their personal opinion alone runs to the left. 

Others do lean right. I tend to fall in the middle but im not sure that would make for a popular editorial cartoonist if i didnt pick a side and either attack or defend it. 

My usual M.O. as a Cartoonist is to make a statement here and there and maybe my political leanings can be determined without me making it all too obvious. 

If your upset, angry or enraged at or about Donald J Trump now officially the President …I dont seriously see this as the end of the world. 

But i do see it as a great opportunity to make fun of in some way, shape or form. I encourage you to get creative about it and make some art. Express yourself. Dont loot or damage property of course, thats just stupid.  

I hope if i generate some cartoons in the next 4 years that you’ll see them for what they are… A humorous take on the events of the day or that week. …depending on my turn around time to spit a cartoon out.

Here’s to intersting times…

Thanks for reading. 

Be well.

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Works in progress…

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Watch “Finished Not Perfect” on YouTube

I so needed this today. My morning started out with a few new cartoon ideas anyway but once I watched this short video on YouTube I came up with three or four more and decided I may and should continue to work within my 3×5 index card size format… I have dabbled in drawing cartoons larger but I think that’s where my “thing”gets lost.

Keep moving forward, that’s all I can do. 

And remember “finished. Not perfect” that’s all I can do. 

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Reset button. 

I’m suddenly feeling some self imposed pressure that the cartoons I have been working on (writing and drawing) recently all suck! All of them. 

I decided as I scanned these new cartoons last night that the others I had to be mailed out to magazines for publication consideration are terrible.

I am finding myself panicking because I want to make this leap and I will need to come up with new and better cartoons and I just want to push the reset button and approach all of this with a clear head.

And I can. But I have this thing playing in my head that I should be somewhere already and this pressure to be somewhere and be someone (I guess) is self imposed. Like Cartoonists are celebrities or something. 

I am my own worst enemy. it’s horrible what artists do to themselves.

So here I sit calculating what my next move is. Write better cartoons and keep pushing forward or… Relax, chill and enjoy the ride. 

I want to do both. But only the second one has any benefit to my well-being. 

What do you think?

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Short post 1/17/17

I’m on lunch. I’ve been having some so-so days with my Diabetes. Brought the glucometer in today to check my numbers before I ate. I stated the day high but I was withing range before I ate a moment ago.

The challenges to stay healthy are becoming a full time job. I suppose they always were but when you’re young you ignore the problems and the injuries and such because you bounce back so quickly.

Not that I am in my late forties it takes work and you have to pay attention to what you eat and when you get to move… Ie: use the treadmill. (Because I need to lose some weight if I hope to get off these meds)… 

Meanwhile I need to fit in life at home and work and commuting and making time to work on my cartoons. That passion is never, never going to go away.

I am finally in a position to start mailing submissions out to various print publications and see what happens. But I also feel the need to want to make other art. Get back to my abstract work. I want to do too much. 

I need a plan. A schedule. Something that I can map out and stick to. So I can balance life and work and family and the day job and rest and etc etc.

And sleep. Sleep is very important these days. If I’m not in bed by 10 I am not going to have an easy time of getting up the next day. 

Challenges. Big rocks (the important stuff) Living well. Still trying to do the things that make you happy. And doing the things you need to do to stay healthy….So you can still do the things that make you happy. It’s a viscous circle 

But I digress…

Be well. 

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