Short post 1/17/17

I’m on lunch. I’ve been having some so-so days with my Diabetes. Brought the glucometer in today to check my numbers before I ate. I stated the day high but I was withing range before I ate a moment ago.

The challenges to stay healthy are becoming a full time job. I suppose they always were but when you’re young you ignore the problems and the injuries and such because you bounce back so quickly.

Not that I am in my late forties it takes work and you have to pay attention to what you eat and when you get to move… Ie: use the treadmill. (Because I need to lose some weight if I hope to get off these meds)… 

Meanwhile I need to fit in life at home and work and commuting and making time to work on my cartoons. That passion is never, never going to go away.

I am finally in a position to start mailing submissions out to various print publications and see what happens. But I also feel the need to want to make other art. Get back to my abstract work. I want to do too much. 

I need a plan. A schedule. Something that I can map out and stick to. So I can balance life and work and family and the day job and rest and etc etc.

And sleep. Sleep is very important these days. If I’m not in bed by 10 I am not going to have an easy time of getting up the next day. 

Challenges. Big rocks (the important stuff) Living well. Still trying to do the things that make you happy. And doing the things you need to do to stay healthy….So you can still do the things that make you happy. It’s a viscous circle 

But I digress…

Be well. 

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  1. So young for such burdens!

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