Ok, so he’s the President. 

I’m not gonna say if i voted for him or not. I dont think any of that is important. What i do think is important is that good or bad (hopefully he will succeed as president) this is a great time to be a cartoonist, commedian, humorist, satirist and/or punk rock musician. 

There is fun to be poked. This is a very serious job and maybe Trump will be a fine president. Who knows? Only time will tell. But the material coming out of Washington in the next 4 years (minimum) will be priceless.

I am friends with quite a few Cartoonists on facebook and the majority of them in just their personal opinion alone runs to the left. 

Others do lean right. I tend to fall in the middle but im not sure that would make for a popular editorial cartoonist if i didnt pick a side and either attack or defend it. 

My usual M.O. as a Cartoonist is to make a statement here and there and maybe my political leanings can be determined without me making it all too obvious. 

If your upset, angry or enraged at or about Donald J Trump now officially the President …I dont seriously see this as the end of the world. 

But i do see it as a great opportunity to make fun of in some way, shape or form. I encourage you to get creative about it and make some art. Express yourself. Dont loot or damage property of course, thats just stupid.  

I hope if i generate some cartoons in the next 4 years that you’ll see them for what they are… A humorous take on the events of the day or that week. …depending on my turn around time to spit a cartoon out.

Here’s to intersting times…

Thanks for reading. 

Be well.

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