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Its been a little more than a week since I lost my stupid job. I am a former service advisor/writer/consultant whatever you want to call it… I am glad that career is behind me now. I have unsuccessfully tried to get out of that line of work a few times and to be honest i didnt try hard enough.

But in my defense I do have a family and the need to maintain a certain lifestyle, like warm and dry with clothes and food is kind of important. So I kept jumping back in. It easy money. Only because I knew the business as well as I did. I still was not and I still am not “a car guy” …I’m a cartoonist who needed a job then and I’m a cartoonist who needs a job now.

So I am networking and texting and emailing anyone I know who might have a lead in any other industry doing ANYTHING else. I am also working on my cartoons and using twitter and other social media to some how build my brand…?!? LIke I know what I’m doing.

Anyway, It’s Tuesday. I have a shut off notice for electric tomorrow. Almost nothing in the bank and I can’t claim anything from Unemployment until next Wed. I am sitting here typing this out and picking at lunch (leftover eggplant parm) and watching Casey Neistat videos on YouTube.

I networked this morning, like a pro. Used Facebook messenger to reach someone, sent a more than a few texts to friends and to follow-up on a lead at the company a friend of mine currently works at. It’s been a fairly busy morning.

Much like when I blogged thru my cancer experience in 2006-2007 documenting this situation keeps my creative muscles warm and allows me an outlet to express myself.

It won’t land me a job but at least I won’t go nuts by keeping it all inside.



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