Stop scrolling…

I have found myself scrolling thru my social media accounts waaay too often to be productive.

Yesterday I deleted the Facebook app from my phone so now I can’t just tap it and scroll and scroll and scroll killing countless minutes doing absolutely nothing. Sure I can look it up on the web but I’m not going to do that.

I will do the same with Instagram as well.

I think I’ll keep Twitter as is. For now.

But at least without Facebook to mindlessly scroll thru I can now, instead, drop a blog post in the same amount of time I would have wasted on Facebook.  Make sense?

To me that has made me immediately more productive.

That’s a start…

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Return to writing

I will be returning to this blog soon. My plans are to blog way more often than I have in the last few years. 

I plan to blog like I used to when I thought I had something to say. I think this will be more beneficial than the way my cartoons have turned out to be.

It’s time to get back to my roots. Writing. Putting one word in front of another to tell a story. Or document something.

As of this writing, I think my cartoon ship has sailed. More on that later.

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