Ok, so he’s the President. 

I’m not gonna say if i voted for him or not. I dont think any of that is important. What i do think is important is that good or bad (hopefully he will succeed as president) this is a great time to be a cartoonist, commedian, humorist, satirist and/or punk rock musician. 

There is fun to be poked. This is a very serious job and maybe Trump will be a fine president. Who knows? Only time will tell. But the material coming out of Washington in the next 4 years (minimum) will be priceless.

I am friends with quite a few Cartoonists on facebook and the majority of them in just their personal opinion alone runs to the left. 

Others do lean right. I tend to fall in the middle but im not sure that would make for a popular editorial cartoonist if i didnt pick a side and either attack or defend it. 

My usual M.O. as a Cartoonist is to make a statement here and there and maybe my political leanings can be determined without me making it all too obvious. 

If your upset, angry or enraged at or about Donald J Trump now officially the President …I dont seriously see this as the end of the world. 

But i do see it as a great opportunity to make fun of in some way, shape or form. I encourage you to get creative about it and make some art. Express yourself. Dont loot or damage property of course, thats just stupid.  

I hope if i generate some cartoons in the next 4 years that you’ll see them for what they are… A humorous take on the events of the day or that week. …depending on my turn around time to spit a cartoon out.

Here’s to intersting times…

Thanks for reading. 

Be well.

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Works in progress…

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Watch “Finished Not Perfect” on YouTube

I so needed this today. My morning started out with a few new cartoon ideas anyway but once I watched this short video on YouTube I came up with three or four more and decided I may and should continue to work within my 3×5 index card size format… I have dabbled in drawing cartoons larger but I think that’s where my “thing”gets lost.

Keep moving forward, that’s all I can do. 

And remember “finished. Not perfect” that’s all I can do. 

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Reset button. 

I’m suddenly feeling some self imposed pressure that the cartoons I have been working on (writing and drawing) recently all suck! All of them. 

I decided as I scanned these new cartoons last night that the others I had to be mailed out to magazines for publication consideration are terrible.

I am finding myself panicking because I want to make this leap and I will need to come up with new and better cartoons and I just want to push the reset button and approach all of this with a clear head.

And I can. But I have this thing playing in my head that I should be somewhere already and this pressure to be somewhere and be someone (I guess) is self imposed. Like Cartoonists are celebrities or something. 

I am my own worst enemy. it’s horrible what artists do to themselves.

So here I sit calculating what my next move is. Write better cartoons and keep pushing forward or… Relax, chill and enjoy the ride. 

I want to do both. But only the second one has any benefit to my well-being. 

What do you think?

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Short post 1/17/17

I’m on lunch. I’ve been having some so-so days with my Diabetes. Brought the glucometer in today to check my numbers before I ate. I stated the day high but I was withing range before I ate a moment ago.

The challenges to stay healthy are becoming a full time job. I suppose they always were but when you’re young you ignore the problems and the injuries and such because you bounce back so quickly.

Not that I am in my late forties it takes work and you have to pay attention to what you eat and when you get to move… Ie: use the treadmill. (Because I need to lose some weight if I hope to get off these meds)… 

Meanwhile I need to fit in life at home and work and commuting and making time to work on my cartoons. That passion is never, never going to go away.

I am finally in a position to start mailing submissions out to various print publications and see what happens. But I also feel the need to want to make other art. Get back to my abstract work. I want to do too much. 

I need a plan. A schedule. Something that I can map out and stick to. So I can balance life and work and family and the day job and rest and etc etc.

And sleep. Sleep is very important these days. If I’m not in bed by 10 I am not going to have an easy time of getting up the next day. 

Challenges. Big rocks (the important stuff) Living well. Still trying to do the things that make you happy. And doing the things you need to do to stay healthy….So you can still do the things that make you happy. It’s a viscous circle 

But I digress…

Be well. 

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Medium stats 2016

I never knew I was making this much of an impact or collecting this much traffic which still doesn’t feel like I should rank among the top 10% but that’s what they said… Don’t ask me. 

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Tomorrow is Ten Years…

Tomorrow is ten years to the day that I was diagnosed with two different cancers. Ten years! 

I was 37 when I found the bump I my neck that started my original blog (on blogger, I don’t know if it’s still out there or not)…. I did print all my posts from that time as I planned on turning them into a book. 

So far that has not been accomplished. 

That blog lead to this one because I was no longer just focusing on my health concerns and wanted to go off and write about other things. 

I got away from this a few years ago. Started cartooning and posted those cartoons to yet another blog. That lead to an exposure gig (as I’ll call it from now on…As there was no compensation) at medium.com. That gig is on going which is nice to have. But I seriously need to get back to work…

So it’s been ten years since that day I found out what cancers were plaguing my body. Ten years since I found out how fast the bottom would fall out. Roughly ten years since I stepped into a bad career that I am still stuck in. (I started working in the car service business after I achieved remission) … I need to make a change. But that’s a different blog post for another day. 

My cartoons have stagnated as the holidays set in. That will improve in a few weeks. My writing has been non existent except for my cartoons. I desperately need to get back to that. The habit of writing at least 300 words every day is very therapeutic.

So as the day begins tomorrow and I go to work like I did ten years ago on December 19th 2006, I will be going about the rituals of the mundane and try to earn my keep, I will, in the midst of the litany feel the ghosts of that day in the mall when my cell phone rang and the mention of the first cancer comes to me. A weight will have been lifted while the realization of the road ahead won’t sink in for quite some time. 

It’s staggering to me that it has been a whole decade since that ordeal began. 

All I can hope for is that I will blog about the twentieth anniversary of that day in the  not so distant future. I hope you are there to read about it too.

Be well. 

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It’s been way too long…

I plan on writing and posting here again very very very soon. 

I need the therapy. 

To be continued…

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New Blog, New Story…

I have just started a new Blog. http://www.idbh.wordpress.com

I’m not saying this blog will not be used or posted to but I am going to concentrate on writing in a specific direction for a little while (probably years) and most of my efforts will end up at “I Don’t Belong Here”, just in case you follow me here I wanted to let you know where I will be posting now.

Please look me up there and follow me, read and comment (I encourage and look forward to your comments) … I haven’t been very focused as a blogger on the comments I get but I mediate them all when wordpress alerts me to them and I have published them all. I hope to get better at this and respond and comment back.

anyway, Ebzart and Nobody gets Out of Here Alive will continue to move forward but for the immediate near future and God willing for the next few years I hope you find my efforts on the new blog worth your time.

Thanks for your support and I look forward to the conversations we may have together.

Be well


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Seems I have a lot going on these days.

My family and I are moving within the month. That alone is an undertaking that will upset daily schedules and burn us out. But we have been blessed to have found a house to rent that offers more space and bedrooms and a fenced in yard to boot.

We also used the Easter holiday to re-invest ourselves in the small church we attend very irregularly. And as it is I have decided to explore online resources to re-educate myself on the bible and seek ministry credentials.

16 years ago I was rather involved in the church I grew up in and felt “God’s call” on my life to enter the ministry. I never truly responded and talked myself out of it even after seeking wisdom from my Senior Pastor and Youth Pastor friend at the time. I have lived with some aspect of my life feeling somewhat incomplete because of my lack of faith and response.

There has been a considerable journey in those 16 years since and this past New Years I felt compelled again as I have in the past to finally answer God.

I have had the bare bones manuscript of a book chronicling my cancer story in the works but as of now is still unfinished. I think I need to approach it from a different angle and incorporate my failure to reply to a calling that I know will change my life. So like any story of redemption I am at a point of starting over and getting it right this time.

Many parts of my creative life will be affected by this new direction I’m taking but I truly believe everything in my life will be enriched because of it as well.

More to follow.

Be well.


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